9% of the world is hungry. Let them eat.

What’s the Issue?

Almost 9% of the global population goes to bed hungry every night. We often believe that in an ideal world no one should have to go to bed hungry at all. The fact of the matter is that we have the ability to make that change now. We don’t need to wait for an ideal world. That can happen now, not by changing the way we produce food, but by changing the way we distribute it. As the world is run today, 1/3 of the food produced worldwide is wasted. With better distribution, everyone in the world could be fed and people who work in food production could work fewer hours. Or at the very least, we could have the land that is currently being exploited (resulting in shrinking fertile land around the world) be farmed in a more sustainable way.

Why Does this Problem Exist?

The issue is that it is far more profitable to let food go to waste because it allows the prices of food to stay artificially high while farmers are still some of the lowest-paid workers in the United States since 1/4 of them are immigrants who entered the United States illegally. Often in the US, people are encouraged to do food drives for people outside of their own country without realizing that 42 million people are going hungry on their own home turf. Donating food to local shelters or paying your domestic employees better are two great ways to help fight hunger in your community. But there is one other method that has been gaining popularity but you might not have heard of: mutual aid.

How to Help

Look in your area for mutual aid groups by simply looking up your town or neighborhood on Facebook followed by “mutual aid”. Can’t find a group near you? Here’s how to start one. Although each group does different things, they’ll often have at least one way to help people eat for free. Often, these groups will accept food donations and cook meals that they’ll hand out for free in their communities or have free pantries or fridges available for anyone. There are even free “stores” like this one in New York City. The important thing about these groups is that they are run by your community for your community. Everyone has access to the help that the group provides. This is also a great place to get free food or things if you can’t make ends meet someday. There is no shame in accepting help.

World hunger is a made-up issue. We have more than enough food for everyone. Do what you can to help.


  1. Thanks for the mutual aid advice + links!! It’s so helpful having an accessible article that outlines the severity of the issue but also presents steps I can take to help.

    1. Feel free to reach out if you need any more help! Mutual aid can also start with your friends or family, cooking for friends who are struggling economically is a fun way to help 🙂

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