Mexican Breakfast Toast

Growing up in Mexico, I would typically eat breakfasts that were far more filling than my American friends did. One of my favorites that can be easily made with ingredients found in any American grocery store is molletes. With cheap pantry staples like bread, beans, and any topping’s you’d like, anyone can make this quick,… Continue reading Mexican Breakfast Toast

Chicken Sandwich with Peanut Sauce Recipe

I spend more money on Popeye’s Spicy Chicken Sandwiches and Thai food than I care to admit. One simple way to lower my food spending is by cooking foods that satisfy those cravings at home. Here’s how I reduce two cravings in one meal with my favorite chicken sandwich recipe. Prep time: 5 min Cook… Continue reading Chicken Sandwich with Peanut Sauce Recipe

Overnight Bread Recipe

This is an easy modifiable overnight bread that doesn’t require any fancy tools and earns you bragging rights. After all, it’s a 24-hour long recipe! All the spices can be modified to suit whatever flavour you like! I used turmeric and paprika because it makes the bread a cool yellow colour that I think is… Continue reading Overnight Bread Recipe

Four creative leftover recipes

Everyone should eat their leftovers because 46% of the food in processing, consumption, and distribution becomes food waste. Although this problem is systematic and not something that individuals can do much to fix, it’s always smart environmentally and financially to eat all of the food that you buy but expiration dates creep up on us… Continue reading Four creative leftover recipes